I would not hesitate to recommend Emma to any woman seeking reflexology throughout their pregnancy.
I first met Emma when I was 12 weeks pregnant & had regular sessions building up to weekly towards the end of my pregnancy.
Having had a very long & difficult labour of over 12 hours with two epidurals & ventouse with my first son, I was adamant
to try everything I could to make both my pregnancy & labour easier, less stressful & with less intervention at the end. I am certain Emma's work contributed to what I look back now as a thoroughly positive experience.
I had an easy, uncomplicated 6 hour labour (with just gas & air) resulting in a beautiful water birth for my second son Oliver.
Emma herself has a very calming personality that just relaxes you as soon as she walks through the door. As a trained midwife she not only would relax me with the treatment but reassure me with any anxieties or questions I had about my pregnancy. As a sufferer of extreme reflux, Emma was able to keep my symptoms to a minimum through reflexology without any need for more medication. Not only would I feel like my body & baby were being looked after during & after treatments but mentally I always felt so relaxed, refreshed & calm. I can honestly say my best nights sleep were after a session!
I am very aware now that physical & mental wellbeing is so important. If an alternative treatment works well for you it should be incorporated into your life. Reflexology worked for me & I will definitely be having more sessions with Emma!

Mother of Sam (3 years) & Oliver (14 months)

"I had reflexology with Emma from the 31st week of my 1st pregnancy. Whilst the most obvious benefits were that it reduced the swelling in my ankles, feet and hands I also believe it relaxed me and may have contributed to a short, trouble free, natural delivery. Baby Thomas arrived within 2 ½ hours with no pain relief.
Emma was great she always made me feel relaxed and at ease. Being a midwife she was also able to reassure me about many of my concerns about labour and childbirth.I certainly recommend Reflexology and Emma and I will certainly have it again with any future babies!”


"I had reflexology from Emma during both my pregnancies, it's a fantastic therapy and I really feel it prepares you both mentally and physically for birth. Emma visited me at home which was great as it's nice to be in familiar and relaxing surroundings especially when you get bigger!!! Emma being a qualified midwife was also a real bonus as she was able to address any medical concerns I had. I would recommend reflexology to all pregnant women and in the event I go for number three I would definitely be calling on Emma's services again."