corporate stress management


the problem:

Tackling stress in the workplace is of paramount importance for employers. Stress related illness is now the European Union's largest single source of sickness, and absence costs are estimated to cost the UK £3.75 billion per annum (Health and Safety Executive) “Stress is the real issue not long hours”, says CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).

the solution:

Corporate stress management programmes can generate a return of up to 400% for employers by reducing abseenteism, lowering staff turnover, increasing motivation and boosting productivity. According to the European foundation the most common work related health problems are: Back pain 33% / Stress 28% / Neck & shoulder pains 23% / Burnout 23%.

We offer massage, Indian head massage, reflexology & facial rejuvenation.
They are non-intrusive, highly effective and can be easily accommodated in a small spare workspace. All these treatments are truly beneficial for dealing with stress related symptoms.

the packages:

Peace of Mind can supply fully qualified, insured and extremely skilled complimentary therapists to implement a successful wellbeing strategy in the workplace. The programmes can be tailor-made and used in a variety of ways:

  • Staff wellbeing
  • Staff motivation & reward
  • Hospitality
  • Adding value to staff packages
  • Positive public relations: internal & external to the marketplace

Employees can pay the full amount or it can be subsidised or paid in full by the company. We offer a practical and cost effective solution and if you would like to experience the benefits please call for a free demonstration.

Costs: prices available on request / discounted corporate rates apply.

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